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Formerly known as Hcash,  HyperCash’s project production goal has been to more easily transfer value between different blockchains.

HyperCash provides two different wallets. These walletsare n white and the other is black. Theaddresses in the white one can be seen from  thesewallets, but the addresses in the black wallet remain confidential. Because the necessary precautions are taken  in people who use blackwallets, the identity of the sender and the recipient is monitored during the verification  gof transactions. What is HyperCash,    togetherwith blockchain /DAGO network, usesthe PoW/PoS  consensus model together. Both have  hybrid  properties.

What is HC Coin?

HyperCash is a cross-platform but unintended structure. it  is alsolight-coded açık kmirror. It was created as a very secure network to exchange information between networks that have blockchain technology and do not have it.

Within the hypercash platform’s  network,thereare 2 chains that are different from each other. Because of these two z-figs,  the HyperCash  platformsolves privacy security and connectivity issues easily thanks to b u chains. z

Adopting a community-oriented management model, HyperCash Coinstates that it can create the desired medium forefficient decision-making and development when needed.

Buy HyperCash Coin

For a HyperCash purchase,  investors need to carefully review the figures. The difference between hypercash  bottom price and peak price and transaction mobility should be closely examined. Examining historical data and statements will greatly help you to make accurate estimates of this issue.

If you decided to buy HyperCash when all reviews and investigations are over, you must first register with a digital currency exchange that performs HyperCash   borsasına kayıt  listing and sales. Bethe first domestic stock exchange to bring manynew things to our companyand with Thodex,  you can make your HyperCash purchases without any problems. After completing the membership transactions, you can make deposits through different channels with the code given to you. Then all you have to do is order the purchase of HyperCash.

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